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July 29, 2007

Selling out the matriarchy

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You know, guys are all too willing to call each other “out” when a man steps over the boundaries and appears to be hateful towards women.

I put “out” in quotes because that willingness to call each other out, to put each other down, is primarily driven by the need for approval, for the pat on the head by the listening females that affirms that they have been good doggies.

I was listening to Marc Rudov’s radio interview with Keeler in the Morning and there was a section where a female had called in, and Keeler had actually hired this woman before, as an intern, and was praising her with comments like “she didn’t take any bullshit.”

So this woman was going on with her usual rants, no originality of course, and Keeler actually took her side! He was sympathetic to her whereas he was agreeing with Marc just moments before, and that really pissed me off – why the heck do guys have to seek approval and the man-merit badge from any random female? Its as if the opinion of one woman is worth more than the opinion of ten men. (Isn’t that the same as the Middle East, just with the sexes interchanged?)

In the course of writing this post, I listened to another radio interview of Marc’s, this one with Covino & Rich. This one was even worse. Marc is on the show to talk about the stupidity of plying chicks with booze to get them drunk and get them into bed, but people just keep on calling him and insulting him, saying that he must have been burned, must not be getting laid, must be a bitter old man, anything except listening to him and deciding whether or not to heed his advice.

This show was one that I didn’t expect any insults on, since he was basically saying that drunk women can and do cry rape, and if they do, you are screwed. And guys just kept calling in, I don’t know why. Sure, dude, you like drunk chicks, go right the fuck ahead, screw them all you want, but don’t fucking come back crying after just one rape accusation ruins your entire miserable life. One jackass even said that Marc shouldn’t have had the balls to come out after the “whipping” he had received on an earlier show, which he had apparently also listened to. Marc set him straight by telling him about the large number of emails that he received expressing anger at the way he was treated on the show by the host.

One other thing that I found rich was the opinion of Christina, the “hot and young” intern there. She probably got there by slobbing knobs, but whatever. She said that she has the best sex of her life when she is drunk, and basically said that Marc was wrong based on that “evidence.”


Hello, 911?

I was thinking, sure baby, you have the best sex of your life, its all good as long as you say it is. All it takes is for her to feel sorry one time. One fucking time is all it’ll take, one call to 911 is ALL IT WILL FUCKING TAKE.

Her words mean exactly JACK and SHIT because she can say one thing today and do another tonight. Women can lie, cheat and deceive with no consequences.



  1. I heard that show too. The former intern didn’t even answer any of Marc’s questions and just flat out didn’t listen to anything the guy was saying. Typical of all feminists. She had that raspy voice that I see alot of trailer trash with. She had such a chip on her shoulder.

    Marc kept telling her that as a woman she can decide whether or not the pregnancy continues, the man has no rights whatsoever. She ignored that completely and pretended like Marc was full of it.

    THe men on that show are just Manginas, willing to do anything just for the taste of some pussy. Sadly this exactly what you should NOT do to get pussy

    Comment by chicagoman — July 30, 2007 @ 8:21 pm

  2. Excellent post Pete.

    Too many points were coming up as I read your piece so I’ll just fire them off as I remember…

    A couple of days after finding Eternal Bachelor’s blog (ironically only 2 weeks before he shut it down), I noticed that posts with at least 20 comments invariably meant that a woman had thrown in her 2 cents so a lot of guys just couldn’t resist the urge to respond regardless of whether she was a troll or a self proclaimed sympathizer.

    If men in the anti-feminist movement haven’t learned to completely ignore the bullshit that spews from the mouths and keyboards of femcunts and to be extremely skeptical of supposed female sympathizers, what hope is there for the general male population?

    The bottom line is that ‘men’ in general are major pussies and as a gender, we are as much to blame for the current familial mess as any femcunt.

    In some ways, I’m more disillusioned with the pervasive passive and supplicating behavior of men than I am with the evil wickedness of today’s modern woman. As the saying goes, “None are so blind as those who will not see.”

    I’m always amused when I read certain anti-feminists going on about the major strides we are making and that the ‘no marriage’ movement will soon lead to the collapse of western civilization as we know it.

    Considering that marriage today is such an incomprehensibly bad deal for men yet tens of millions still flock to it like the proverbial lemmings marching straight off a cliff, I think it’s a safe to assume that rumors of its imminent demise are much exaggerated.

    Duncan Idaho said it best when he opined that rather than having a couple of hundred readers at most, good MRA blogs should have readerships in the tens or even hundreds of thousands at least.

    The truth is, the movement is tiny compared to the mass of permanently pussy whipped guys who would rather surf for porn, play with their XBox and try to shame clued in men than try to learn about the true nature of a beast that might one day destroy their lives.

    “As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.”

    Men who refuse to learn the true nature of the beast and act accordingly are playing russian roulette with their lives. It’s a free world so that’s their prerogative but for these fools to try and shame men who know the real deal about bitches shows an ignorance and hubris that defies imagination.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of starting my own blog but I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be a waste of time as there are already more than enough good blogs out there such as this one for any guy who wants to learn the truth. To be honest, it would annoy me to put effort into articles and rarely get feedback so I prefer to occasionally leave longwinded responses on other people’s blogs!

    It’s my way of saying, ‘Keep up the good work and you’re not alone.’

    Comment by Uzem & Luzem — July 31, 2007 @ 10:59 am

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    UzemLuzem, I agree with you. It always seems so hollow when some people speak of change as if its going to happen anytime soon.

    Let’s face it, men are only now starting to wake up with the advent of the free, unregulated Internet. Even then, feminist blogs get thousands of times more hits than we do every day, bleating on about imagined evil and throwing table scraps to the men who frantically wave their tails hoping for some attention. Its no surprise that feminists usually have glamor-style photos in their profiles.

    Men are only now starting to wake up. I personally will be nobody’s slave, society can go fuck itself for all I care. I will not fund someone else’s retire-at-26 plan. I wouldn’t do it for a man, so why should I do it for a woman?

    Its only recently that women have been able to clean out multiple guys with divorce – earlier they could just clean out one by leeching on to him until death do them part.

    And they say men are polygamists.

    The bias against men runs deep. Extremely, unfathomably deep. Its not only in American or Western or current society that men are considered disposable, fit to be harnessed for the benefit of women and children.

    After hearing well-fed women bitch and moan about their poor overworked husbands, I have vowed to be nobody’s slave.

    Comment by Pete — July 31, 2007 @ 10:59 pm

  4. “After hearing well-fed women bitch and moan about their poor overworked husbands, I have vowed to be nobody’s slave.”

    After I became “aware” of MRA a few months ago (when I first began my own blog) and having my eyes opened to the pervasive corruption feminism has had on modern society, I now make it a point to speak up whenever I hear such things.

    I’ll often here friend’s wives/girlfriends grumbling about how they “have to do all the housework” or how “…He never has time for me and the kids.”

    I’m not overly antagonistic, as when I hear such things, it is my friend’s I’m talking with…but I will certainly stand up for the guy and point out “Well he does work his ass off in the hot sun everyday to pay for the house you live in, put food in yours and your kid’s mouths and clothes on your backs. Is that not doing his fair share?”

    I have yet to have a women I’ve told that too give me a good answer, it just shuts them up.

    I truly believe women complain about their significant others because that has become the culturally accepted practice as portrayed by the media and now thoroughly ingrained into just about every women’s subconscious thought process. They get together, and they bitch about their men.

    What most of these women don’t realize is this: when you get together and complain, bitch, whine and moan about your man, who REALLY looks stupid – the lazy, incompetent, idiotic, rude, arrogant or thoughtless man you’re whining about…or the fact that you married or moved in with him and had babies with him?

    Smart women would realize that talking good about their men would make themselves look better in the eyes of other women, because they were smart in picking their mate. Alas, the herd mentality of women lead them to all make the same dumb choices in participating in what is essentially destructive and harmful gossip by demeaning their men in the eyes of their friends and family.

    One other thing I ALWAYS make a point of correcting is whenever I hear a women say “he’s babysitting the kids.” Dad’s don’t babysit…they FATHER their children.

    That’s another one that shuts up women who thoughtlessly degrade and demean their men to others.

    Comment by Hawaiian Libertarian — August 1, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

  5. Great piece Pete.

    Good little doggies is exactly what these guys are – and they’ll soon be down at the kennel howling to the moon once their bitch-master kicks them out.

    Comment by Rob Case — August 2, 2007 @ 5:11 am

  6. Good post Pete, I definitely agree that this kind of thing is very prevalent, and repugnant.

    There is no “Captain Save-a-Ho” shortage, unfortunately. Hopefully we can change that. They try to shame us? We’ll shame them right back.

    They’re so mentally deficient, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel… the problem is just the vast amount of fish, I suppose.

    Keep up the good posting, it is appreciated.

    Comment by B.R. — August 2, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

  7. You are correct Pete. The same thing is occurring on Men’ Activism where the men there worry more about a “feminist” saying the men’s rights movement is about hate(Hate is a logical emotion in the face of tyranny) than about how women have been tyrants for decades.

    It’s that men are here to serve women attitude that MUST go.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 6, 2007 @ 3:33 am

  8. How come Eternal Bachelor appears to be back online at wordpress? What happened there I thought he shut down and moved away.

    Comment by CV — August 7, 2007 @ 7:46 am

  9. CV, it is an archive of EB’s blog.

    Comment by Pete — August 7, 2007 @ 7:39 pm

  10. Actually, there has been a sharp reduction in men marrying women in the US. Go to DGM and read the Statistical Corner.

    FIGURE 1
    Number of Marriages per 1,000
    Unmarried Women Age 15 and
    Older, by Year, United States:

    1960 73.5
    1970 76.5
    1975 66.9
    1980 61.4
    1985 56.2
    1990 54.5
    1995 50.8
    2000 46.5
    2004 39.9

    Few people are as negative on AM as I am. I spent maybe ten thousand hours counseling divorced men from 1984 till 1993, and finally decided if men aren’t men enough to organize to stand up for their rights, let their cojones be ripped off.

    HOwever, the marriage strike is working. The above statistics show that. And, no organization is needed, because men are deciding alone, one at a time, it is a bad idea to get married.

    Some people who really don’t understand statisics tend to look at raw numbers of marriages per year, and without realizing the number of unmarried women has exploded conclude marriage is just the same as always. It is not, and women are screaming. Of course, it’s all about men being losers, heh, heh.

    I admit while I knew marriage was down and sinking, I also underestimated how much down it was. I had a bad habit of looking only at marriages per 1,000 total population, and also did not realize the number of unmarried women as a percentage of total population was way up. Thanks to Lee on DGM for setting me straight on this.

    Comment by Anonymous age 65 — August 12, 2007 @ 8:12 am

  11. Today’s women is tomorrows bag lady.

    Comment by Joe — September 5, 2007 @ 8:17 pm

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