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October 2, 2007

The Privilege Checklist

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The last thing feminism is about is equality. If it was then I would support it. No feminism is all about privilege for women at the expense of men. Remember, these are the same women who fight to get into men’s-only clubs but support banning men from women-only health clubs as discriminatory. Here are some more of their double standards.

The female/feminist privilege checklist:
1. Do you experience other people paying for your dates, or occasionally even picking up the tab in non-romantic settings? Or paying for vacations when the relationship moves along?
2. Do you occasionally experience subservient gestures by the opposite sex(opening doors, giving up a seat in the bus, standing up when you come in the room)?
3. Are you able to simply pursue what you are interested in at university without much societal pressure on “breadwinning” – although you could also take that route if it interests you?
4.a. Have you had to register for selective service? Would you be ripped out of your life and forced to defend your country in time of attack or national emergency? Can you demand strength and full participation in society, but then get out of this obligation by pretending to be weak with no influence over society (only when it suits you)?
4.b. Can you come up with any and every excuse to get out of this without being laughed at (“No one should be drafted” – when you would be the first to cower in the corner and demand that someone do something if China & Russia combined and attacked full force – and “If men start wars …” when women are the majority of voters and the expression is more likely “Men are SENT in wars …” – exactly what you’re trying to get out of – and sometimes sent by M. Thatcher, G. Meir, I. Gandhi, B. Bhutto and others)
5. Will you statistically get a much lighter sentence for exactly the same offense if you commit a crime?
6. Are you able to take on a job or choose a career route that is only capable of supporting yourself, with no thought to preparing yourself to also support a spouse/children, although you are also free to choose a more difficult career that will bring you more money? Do you not have much pressure on you with regard to this?
7. If you are in a committed relationship, do you have much greater flexibility to choose whether you want to work or simply stay at home (even without kids)?
8. Will you be called an unemployed loser if you decide to be a homemaker?
9. If you have a flat tire on the road, if someone is harassing you in a public place, if an animal attacks you, or if you are lost, will someone be much, much more likely to help you?
10. Are people generally much nicer to you in public? Are you sometimes given privileged treatment?
11. Are you much more capable of “marrying up” – enjoying the money and status that comes with this?
12. Are you statistically much more likely to be given money in a divorce – sometimes huge amounts – even if your behavior caused the divorce (e.g. affair) and even if you didn’t work for the money?
13. If you slap a person – or even knock someone’s tooth out throwing your Aunt Selma’s Christmas mug at that person – is it much more likely to just be viewed as cute, understandable or not a problem?
14. Do you statistically live much longer – possibly due to less stress on you with regard to breadwinning, providing protection, being responsible, not having society viewing you as “expendable” or viewing your problems as not being important?
15. Do you have much more money spent on your health concerns in reality (e.g. 5 times as much on breast cancer as on prostate cancer – although they have roughly the same death rates) while you simultaneously claim that more has to be done for you?
16. Are you much less likely to be homeless? Is more offered to you by society when you are in this position?
17. Is there far less scorn and pressure on you by society when you are an irresponsible doofus? Are your default rates for payment of child support roughly twice those of the other gender, while you simultaneously complain about the other gender not paying?
18. Has whining about and hating the other gender actually been made into a course of studies in college (women’s studies) – as opposed to the true, neutral, unbiased study of this topic – which is simply anthropology?
19. Do you have full opportunity to do anything you want in life – become a doctor, a lawyer, start a business – while simultaneously using the fact that many of your gender don’t CHOOSE themselves to do these things as an argument to try to gain even more advantages? Do you get affirmative action because many of your gender don’t choose to do these things, and thus the numbers don’t “come out right”?
20. Can you manipulate the other gender with sex in some cases to get what you want? Can you pretend like you don’t even know what anyone is talking about on this topic?
21. Can you manipulate using old notions of men protecting and deferring to women when it comes in handy?
22. Can you effectively manipulate by playing the victim? Do tears work sometimes?
23. Can you get sympathy if you don’t work and don’t have children by listing all the household work (hmm … Oprah really does get high ratings, though) while simultaneously being able to bear the cognitive dissonance of calling your sister’s husband who stays home a worthless bum that she ought to leave?
24. Can you “mix and match” traditional and progressive roles – finding just the right mix to get what you want? Can you be a “traditional wife” – enjoying the positive features of that (like not having to work) – while simultaneously being a progressive feminist when THAT gets you advantages? Or having a career while simultaneously using traditional chivalry and male deference to your advantage?
25. Can you constantly say “that’s just typical” and “it doesn’t surprise me a bit” and make a lemon face if you are a parent-in-law? Is near-universal contempt by both genders for your behavior hidden to a much greater extent?
26. Can almost any remark by your partner be construed as verbal abuse if you want sympathy, but the meanest, nastiest, most humiliating things that you can say simply involve “speaking your mind” and “some people just don’t want to hear the truth”?
27. Can you use the fact that gender roles were differentiated long ago – with different advantages/disadvantages for both genders – to try to induce guilt today in people who had absolutely no connection with any of that? Can you say that you have been discriminated against for thousands of years – when you’re only 20 years old – with a straight face? Can you even make things up about history and no one will really check or dare call you on it?
28. Can you propagate myths and outright lies (“Superbowl/domestic violence hoax”, “rule of thumb”, 1/4 rape statistic, intentional misconstrual of pay figures, and many more) and be given a “pass” – without more rigor being demanded?
29. Can you rationalize your own failures using the concept of the “patriarchy”, and blame the other gender for nearly everything that goes wrong in your life – even with quite contorted explanations that no one would otherwise buy – while failures of the other gender are just … failures?
30. Do you want to be treated like a child when it suits you but as an adult when you get an advantage from that? Do you “look the other way” when someone doesn’t require responsibility from you that they certainly would from the other gender?
31. Can you focus heavily on perceived earnings in the workforce – the statistics of which are influenced by people’s choices in reality – while utterly ignoring the inter-family transfer of wealth? Can you completely ignore the fact that one gender picks tougher jobs (garbage collector), works more hours and takes on more responsibility because of more pressure to earn – but the other gender has the same lifestyle and statistically more assets (and not just because of inheritance/earlier age of male at death…). Can you deliberately claim that earnings figures are based on equal pay for equal work? (when you probably full well know that they simply involve all people working more than 35 hours – and don’t take type of job, hours worked over 35/week, danger, responsibility, years in the work force etc. into consideration at all).
32. Is what used to simply be an irritation for grown-ups many years ago – the self-centered rantings and foot stompings of spoiled high-school and college brats – now not only embraced by your movement but almost the modern cornerstone of it?
33. And if you are irritated about generalizations and stereotypes – and utterly fail to see the hypocrisy in stereotyping and generalizing about one gender while simultaneously making a career (literally in some cases) whining about your own gender being stereotyped …
… you may have female/feminist privilege! Congratulations!

But don’t let on – because you can gain much more with a continual and manipulative victim status.


I found this today, it was originally on the Forbes forum. Good times, great writing. This guy is a budding MRA with fire in his belly.



  1. Do you have the link to that post on the Forbes forums? I’m curious to see what the responses are.

    Comment by Suckerfish — October 3, 2007 @ 7:36 am

  2. Hey Suckerfish, here’s the link to the forum:

    Here’s the message board archive in PDF form:

    Comment by Pete — October 3, 2007 @ 9:53 am

  3. Pete,

    I did my own Female Privilege List on the same day you did! See:

    Some of the similarities are interesting.
    Your domestic 26:
    Can almost any remark by your partner be construed as verbal abuse if you want sympathy, but the meanest, nastiest, most humiliating things that you can say simply involve “speaking your mind” and “some people just don’t want to hear the truth”?

    Vs. my workplace 21
    21. I can get real nasty when someone makes me mad, and call them ugly, a loser, a nerd, a geek, a disgusting creep, a revolting little worm, a worthless piece of garbage, a scum bag, a wimp, a pervert, a jerk-off, an old fart, or a fat slob. After all, I have the right not to be treated meanly at work, and the right not to hear harsh things that might make me uncomfortable. I have legal recourse if that right is not respected, and I have the right to make this perfectly clear on my job interview.

    Comment by Sweating Through Fog — October 6, 2007 @ 4:21 pm

  4. Boy those forums are a mess. Thanks for the link, though.

    Comment by Suckerfish — October 6, 2007 @ 11:16 pm

  5. You’re welcome Suckerfish.

    Sweating through Fog, I like your list. Like I said on your blog, I think our lists complement each other.

    Comment by Pete — October 6, 2007 @ 11:59 pm

  6. Thank YOU for the list! I did an i-net search for a list of particularly “female privilege” and “white female privilege” but nothing came up!! Only by linking to Alas! blog did I find you, and only then, through sweatingthroughs…blog.

    So I am not the only one that is tired of hearing women with Victorian era hairstyles, and high heels holding up pictures of black men kneeling before Queen Victoria, and yapping on and on about how white men are privileged, even if we grew up blackened in society, and then again, blackened in the discourse of privileged (but very very fearful, and projecting) upper class white females?

    BTW, you forgot a few key privileges of these women and particularly white women:

    1)Not being seen as pedophiles or rapists of children and boys, because they have spent so much time creating the smokescreen (projection) that men are pervs (when the novel Sybil hit the bigscreen,
    it was like thirty or so years of cover-up for female/maternal sex abuse afterwards, and is still ongoing)
    2) not being seen as responsible for the race/class oppressions that they willingly, knowingly fomented throughout the years by projecting their rape fears/fantasies onto black men
    3)turning the paradigm around so that now it is white men who are evil–another way to maintain that priviledge
    4) getting into Hip Hop shows for free, cuz they are the coveted and entitled *white girl*, “victim of oppression, just like black people”
    5) benefit of using the tired paradigm that women earn————blankety blank less than men, despite the fact that if we take ONE Bill Gates, or ONE Warren buffet out of that equation, it is total b.s.
    6) benefit of propagandizing the next generation, via children, into being pro-woamn, anti-man
    7)they live TEN YEARS longer than American men!!!!(can you say” better living/working conditions/health care than men?) Cuban men and women, however, die relatively close to each other.

    Comment by CMF — October 22, 2007 @ 10:00 pm

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