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October 29, 2007

A poignant observation

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I was going through the threads linked by NO MA’AM on his post the other day, and one observation of his stuck out at me.

Another thing that you can notice almost instantly, that all married women do when they join the MRM, is right off assure everyone that they are not like that. In fact, they go out of their way to tell every male in the MRM, many of whom have been royally screwed by Western Women, that they are the epitome of the perfect woman & wife, which has been eluding all of us men our whole lives. Our lives would be perfect if we had just been lucky enough be one of these women’s husbands.
So, it again becomes not all women are like that.
And they go out of their way to let us know that they are the perfect woman that we should all strive to find.
Oddly, these women’s husbands are never posters on MRM boards, so we don’t really know what their perfect marriage is really like, do we?

I think this man speaks the truth. The first thing any “anti-feminist” woman says is that “she’s not like those other women” – the same way a girl trying to wheedle you into signing your balls over says “I’m not like those other women who will divorce you and take your money and children.”

It has been said in the past, that dissimulation is the order of the day with women – it is what it is, you just have to guard yourself against it. You can’t get mad at the rattlesnake for striking, and you can’t get mad at the woman for her dissimulation and manipulation. That’s why feminists call you a misogynist when you complain that women lie about rape or abuse or about basically anything, because it is in their nature. And to some extent people know it but don’t want to say it.

I quite agree that things will be much worse for women than men. In fact, feminism’s largest damage to women will be if men begin to see the natural manipulations that all women do, and men actually do make them equal and don’t stick up for them anymore.
I don’t really care what the women on the board think, and I am hardly talking to them, except to tell them to shut up. It irritates me though, to see women show up and start the mangina factory over and over again, and to see so many men that just love to come to heel for a “good woman.” Of course, this is all just on these women’s word. Every woman who’s ever cheated on me told me she would never cheat on me at the beginning of the relationship too. Of course they are going to make us think that “they are not like that.”
Notice that expat married men living abroad (of which I believe you are one) rarely talk about how good their marriages are compared to how the women in the MRM do. Basically, it seems that expat married men realize fully the nature of females, but have chosen to engage with one in a place where the law affords him the right to be in more control over her – expat married men are not preaching that “women are not all like that.”
What we have going on in the MRM, in fact, what I view as the biggest problem overall, is that we are like a person trying to start a fire but there is someone right next to us who keeps blowing out the match before we can get it to the kindling. That’s the effect that letting women into the MRM at the MRM’s youthful stage has been having – they keep blowing out our matches before we can get the wildfire going.
Certainly, when the MRM reaches critical mass and takes off like a wildfire, there will be women involved. It is inevitable. Also, certainly when the MRM’s message becomes more mainstream, it will tone down it’s radicalness and become more docile and acceptable to the public in general.
Until it gets to that point, however, allowing women into the MRM and not pushing them away so we can get the damn match to the kindling, is going to be our eternal pitfall, as has been proven over and over by the MRM’s history itself. Why are we still so small after being around for decades already?
I wish more in the MRM could see this, but they rarely do because they are just continually desperate to believe that all women are not like that.

Another good post.

I’ve noticed the “all women are not like that” crap a lot, but I never put it together the way Rob did here.



  1. This is an important post, Pete. Rob has some essential points. I wish him good luck.

    Comment by publius — October 29, 2007 @ 5:19 pm

  2. You know what, through my years of experience with women, 99.5% of women are exactly the same.

    They all respond to the same stressors in exactly the same way. This is why pick up techniques work so well on ANY woman, prude, slut, conservative, liberal. They are all wired the same way.

    A study came out about ayear ago (will get you the link soon), showing that the biggest difference between humans and chimpanzees was on the Y chromosome. Aside from a few genes releated to memory and speech, women are essentially almost purely animal. The Y chromosome and the corresponding testosterone producing Sex-determining Region on the Y chromosome alters the male brain for higher cognitive function, this is absent in females.

    Sure there are very intelligent women,likewise very dumb men, but on average a man’s thinking is not purely animal, whereas a woman always ends up debasing herself.

    I have met three women in my life that fall into that 0.5% of women that would treat a man right. But at the end of the day 2 of them still fall under the animal rules when push came to shove regarding babies.

    The Men’s Rights movement Needs not enlist the help of ANY women for our movement to go forward, women lack empathy that is generated in our brains by testosterone, they just don’t get it.

    Men don’t need women sympathizers and empathizers, men need other men to wake up and stop putting up with this stupid shit. All we need is women to look forward more than 12 hours for them to realize that our country is in a downward spiral. Then we need to take back the reigns and make decisions that benefit society, not just women.

    I agree with Rob. This is why I have a whole 120 posts on total on all the MRM boards. I actually take my message and try to spread it in real life.

    Time is not on our sides and my time is better spent spreading the word in reality.

    Comment by chicagoman — October 29, 2007 @ 7:02 pm

  3. I heard somebody comparing women to snowflakes:

    They look all a bit different, but in the end they are all same.

    From my experience it is true.

    Right now am literally engaged in a mail battle with some mangina friends and two possible red pill takers.

    It is hard to keep your cool when the manginas say the same thing over and over, no matter what facts, or what philosophies you throw at them… They don’t even feel the need to object by “but”… Just the same old: “so women were oppressed”….

    Women saying they are different?

    I do not believe in their sincerity.. They just found a better way to manipulate men, and are running with the benefits from that.

    Comment by ze german — October 30, 2007 @ 1:16 am

  4. Rob has hung up his MRA boots for a while,it seems; Hope he’ll be back! A good post.
    Interesting,Chicagoman, your point on the Y stuff..explains a lot!
    I have direct experience of the ‘I’ll never do that to you’ syndrome- but the kids are alive and that’s ok.
    Ze german..leave them to their fate and concentrate on a survival strategy for you and anyone you trust,male or female- but it may not be easy to do this in the west.

    Comment by treebs — October 30, 2007 @ 7:06 pm

  5. Here’s the link and abstract:

    “he mammalian Y chromosome has unique characteristics compared with the autosomes or X chromosomes. Here we report the finished sequence of the chimpanzee Y chromosome (PTRY), including 271 kb of the Y-specific pseudoautosomal region 1 and 12.7 Mb of the male-specific region of the Y chromosome. Greater sequence divergence between the human Y chromosome (HSAY) and PTRY (1.78%) than between their respective whole genomes (1.23%) confirmed the accelerated evolutionary rate of the Y chromosome. Each of the 19 PTRY protein-coding genes analyzed had at least one nonsynonymous substitution, and 11 genes had higher nonsynonymous substitution rates than synonymous ones, suggesting relaxation of selective constraint, positive selection or both. We also identified lineage-specific changes, including deletion of a 200-kb fragment from the pericentromeric region of HSAY, expansion of young Alu families in HSAY and accumulation of young L1 elements and long terminal repeat retrotransposons in PTRY. Reconstruction of the common ancestral Y chromosome reflects the dynamic changes in our genomes in the 5-6 million years since speciation.”

    So basically the Y chromosome underwent th most dramatic changes, notice the study says that the X and other chromosomes didn’t change much between chimpanzee and humans.

    Here is a paragraph from another paper:
    “The chimp Y chromosome has lost the use of 5 of its 16 X-related genes. The genes are there, but have been inactivated by mutation. The explanation, in his view, lies in the chimpanzee’s high-spirited sexual behavior. Female chimps mate with all males around, so as to make each refrain from killing a child that might be his.

    The alpha male nonetheless scores most of the paternities, according to DNA tests. This must be because of sperm competition, primatologists believe – the alpha male produces more and better sperm, which outcompete those of rival males.”

    Notice how this basically describes women. It seems that female of neither chimps nor humans evolved much, but males of humans did.

    I rest my case guys.

    Comment by chicagoman — October 31, 2007 @ 9:44 am

  6. I’m going to make a post about this on my blog.

    Comment by chicagoman — October 31, 2007 @ 9:45 am

  7. Ze German said, “I heard somebody comparing women to snowflakes:

    “They look all a bit different, but in the end they are all same.”

    Yeah, and they’re all flakes.

    Comment by K-Dog — November 1, 2007 @ 6:33 pm

  8. Yeah Rob generally hits the nail on the head. Man seem to let their own desires get in the way of reality, and women know it and use it to their advantage.

    The same way corporations use peoples insecurities to sell them shit. It’s predatory behaviour.

    Like you say, it’s in women’s nature to dissimulate, manipulate and portray themselves in a way they believe will get to you.

    If you’re going to pick a lock you have to use the right gauge lock pick. The trick is keeping in mind that no matter what she says, the probability of her only being there to try and pick the lock is very, very high.

    Comment by fmwatkins — November 15, 2007 @ 3:28 am

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    Comment by Idetrorce — December 15, 2007 @ 5:12 am

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