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October 30, 2007

San Diego PD puts ho’s online

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Prostitutes’ photos, case details put online

EL CAJON – Mug shots of convicted prostitutes are appearing on the El Cajon Police Department’s Web site. Police hope to discourage them from plying their trade in town using a 21st-century version of public flogging.

Naturally, they couldn’t leave the men alone, could they…

Pictures of 11 women, details of their crimes and areas where they are banned from loitering were posted as of yesterday. Police said they plan to add pictures of convicted “johns” – the clients – within weeks. They are urging viewers to report when the offenders violate probation.

The goal of putting the faces of convicted prostitutes on the Web “is to move them and the crimes that come with them out of our city,” said El Cajon police Special Investigations Sgt. Mike Hook.

And naturally, some stupid academic with his head up his ass has a comment…

The tactic has drawn mixed reactions.

Marjorie Cohn, a professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, said the Web site violates the women’s right to privacy.

“It’s an incredible invasion of the privacy of the women, with no real benefit to law enforcement,” Cohn said.

Like I’ve said, women have a right to privacy enshrined in law – Roe vs Wade. Men? Men don’t have shit.

I’m betting that there will be a furor, an outcry, feminists will bitch and moan, and eventually they will remove the prostitutes from the website. But the men will remain. Oh yes siree, they will remain.

Here’s my favorite.

  Elisa Salinas

Salinas, Elisa

Hispanic female 125 lbs 5’05” Brown eyes Brown hair
Arrested 647(b) PC found guilty in Superior Court
Geographic probation until 05-31-2010

Geographic probation conditions: Defendant shall not:

(1). Contact or attempt to contact passing motorists. (2). Engage or attempt to engage motorists in conversation, (3) Solicit or accept rides from motorists or, (4). Loiter, congregate or remain on a public street, sidewalk or alleyway without apparent lawful reason or business at the following geographical areas of the city of El Cajon:

(a) The 500 Block of West Main Street to the 1600 Block of East Main.
(b) El Cajon Blvd between 100 and 1300 Blk
( c) The 500 Block of West Douglas Ave to the 300 Block of Douglas Ave.

The following conditions were deleted in this case
Additionally not to be in possession of a cell phone, pager, beeper, or other communication device while in the geographical areas described above, except in the course of lawful employment.



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  2. I don’t see a problem with invasion of privacy for either the clients or the hookers. If someone is convicted of a crime then that info along with your picture and description is public record and is usually access able though the internet anyway. Whether prostitution should be illegal is another question all together. Don’t agree with the law? Then work to change the law.

    All things considered it would be a positive thing if prostitution was legalized for a number of reasons.

    1.) When you bang a hooker you at least know what your buying and how much your paying for it. Unlike dating or marriage where you: pay, pay, pay but may not get what your paying for. If you get anything at all. No more buying men buying a $1500 ring just to put it in their wife’s pooper. Then can just go to the local brothel and do it for $50

    2.) When high quality and reasonably priced sex is easily available in exchange for money women will no longer be able to use it as a weapon against men. Is your wife or girlfriend using sex or lack there of to try and manipulate you? No problem go see your local 18 year old hooker. Now if the candy shop is closed or not worth the trouble; you can easily go to another candy shop.

    3.) Legalization and the comparatively easy nature of the work will bring increased competition which will in turn drive down prices. Why would a cute young girl with out a college degree work at Wendies or as a Secretary when instead she could: work an average of 5 hours M-F and make $72,000 instead?

    $50 a client (per hour) X 5 hours a day X 5 days a week (M-F) X 4 weeks in a month X 12 months in a year = $72,000

    4.) Increased, inexpensive, and hassle free access to suitable sexual partners will decrease the amount of rapes perpetuated by psychos. Thus giving feminists less ammunition to demonize men with.

    5.) You don’t have to worry about a hooker trapping you into child support and bleeding you dry for 18 years. Unless you have your DNA on file somewhere allowing them to find you.

    So in general it will level the playing field for men. With the exception of sexual relations. Men don’t need women! Women need men!

    Women are the ones who wait for prince charming to bail them out of debt and pay all of their bills while they stay home and watch The View.

    Women are the ones constantly whining about their partners lack of commitment and how they’re afraid to be alone.

    Women are the ones who want to get married so they’ll have a man slave to take care of them; Or so they can take 50% of their husbands assets, plus child support, plus alimony if they decide that they’d rather just bail and keep his money.

    By legalizing prostitution Men will be able to buy (more cheaply because you pay for it no matter what) the one commodity they need from women… Sex.

    This would allow them to give the finger to American Women until the institution of marriage and the legal system in general changes so that tries to fairly resolve disputes instead of fucking over men.

    Comment by Mike Hunt — October 31, 2007 @ 5:58 am

  3. It baffles me why men would take the risk of getting caught with a prositute in the San Diego when all they have to do is simply cross the border to Tijuana where the won’t be criminalized. Plus men will get a better selection in Tijuana.

    Comment by Outcast Superstar — October 31, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

  4. That Elisa looks pretty good to me. I have a neighbor here in Mexico that looks much like her.

    Comment by Anonymous age 65 — November 7, 2007 @ 9:24 pm

  5. At least you know that the ankle tag is gonna keep her honest. 😉

    Comment by Pete — November 8, 2007 @ 12:07 am

  6. That’s the scarlet letter. Why don’t they put up the tricks, most of whom are married with kids or got gf’s? Oh, I know why? Men can’t help it. That’s why they rape and sexually harass and try to control womyn’s bodies for their reproductive benefit. That’s why the bitch ass men never get sent to jail. Come to think about it, this IS a version of the Sharia/ anti womyn laws practiced in ultra islamic, patriarchal cultures where womyn are blamed for men’s morals and men walk off scott free of double standards like the pure driven snow. No wondee most are rapist, with the society we live in.

    Comment by Raven — April 11, 2011 @ 10:20 pm

  7. Legalizing prostitution will stop rapes? What sick fuck would associate pleasure with non consensual pain? Saying that shit is like saying a rapists who rapes his vixtim is complimenting her. Fuck, did you come from a womyn? Mama should,of,aborted your ass. Got one word for ya: William Kennedy Smith. All the womyn he raped looked like linebackers. Most rapists contrary to popular belief are not lonely guys just as not all pros clients are losers like you. Most rapists are married with kids or have gfs. They get off on screaming womyn and the act of,humiliating, defiling and degrading us. It is the ultimate act of control over another human being, next to murder. I mean, are you a rapist? Takes one to know one and sickeningly justify their acts by blaming it on some evolutionary need to have a womyn. You also sound like a cop. Most cops rape sex workers bc of the thrill of,power over a victim they know has no recourse. As for saying it should be legalized, you shouldn’t be involved in it. Sounds like you are for it for male entitlement with the rape excuse and all while not being for it for what it is: that no one should control a womyn’s body for her. Also, it seems like – judging from your stmt that if we don’t like it bc it is against the law, so were slave codes, so that is no excuse. Also it seems like,you derive pleasure from seeing these ladies punished since after all you feel that “how dare they charge for their pussy and deny me access for free”. Also, funny how you,exclude pimps from this,equation. Closet case,homosexual you are fag?

    Comment by Raven — April 11, 2011 @ 10:33 pm

  8. yeah, like most closet cases who envy womyn, you all misogynist are a bunch,of,closet case FAGS who wish,you,had a pussy to,sell. Real,talk, LADIES! Peace!

    Comment by Raven — April 11, 2011 @ 10:35 pm

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