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November 15, 2007

Truth, justice and due process? BOO!

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Read this over at MRA’s blog. MRA is of course the stand-up guy who has the truck signs and one of the few “feet on the ground” people we have in the MRM.

I got this gem from his entry, Feminist Trained Judges are Brainwashed.

Today as I protested at the Van Nuys Government Center, I recalled an occasion when I was shopping at a local store wearing a T-shirt that said, “FEMINIST LIES MAKE BAD LAWS.”  

A man came up to me and introduced himself, told me he really liked my T-shirt, told me he was a criminal defense attorney, then told me a short story.  He said a judge he knows told him that one time he (the judge) was receiving domestic violence training in a class that was apparently being put on by gender feminist ideologues.  

At one point the judge questioned the lack of emphasis on the need to follow “due process,” and take “facts in evidence” into consideration.  

“Get this,” said the lawyer, “when the judge asked his question a woman in the back of the classroom, affiliated with the training, booed him.”  “Can you believe that,” he asked me, “they actually had the gall to boo a judge, asking questions as important as that.”

Sadly, it is not hard to believe at all. This is what is happening guys, we have to put an end to this.



  1. Men’s civil rights are being systematically violated by feminist extremists. This is legalized fraud and discrimination at work.

    Comment by Unhagged — November 16, 2007 @ 11:31 am

  2. Interesting: in my country an important newspaper published an article about 5 women who were looking for men but seemed unable to find any. 4 were over 30, one was 25.

    They claimed to have careers, that men were afraid of them…
    The 25yo had a normal job and desperately wanted children. It seems that the less paid a job is, the faster a woman wishes to get married.

    I will not do them the favor.

    Comment by dd — November 17, 2007 @ 2:01 am

  3. The claim that men are afraid of professional women is just a cop out and a rationalization. Men learn how to take rejection when we are young and not necessarily internalize it…young women on the other hand think they have the only vagina in the universe. Boy are they in for a rude awakening when they get older. When women are young they have the hormone enslaved guys jumping for their attention like dogs jumping for doggy biscuits. If a guy is smart and/or lucky enough to keep from getting married and saves, invests, keeps in shape, oh my, HOW THE WORM TURNS! Women go to seed fast. Nothing more agreeable than a 35 year old unmarried woman looking for a victim. By the time they are 40, they can’t give it away hundred dollar bills sticking out of their pockets. At 45 if they want to haul ass…they have to make three loads.

    At age 57, I got married for the first time to an asian women who is just as beautiful on the inside (read personality, character, temperament) as she is on the outside and thirty years younger than me…and with a high paying professional job. Keep your powder dry guys and remember don’t marry a western woman.

    When I was around 50, I tried dating women my own age or near to it…Good G_d! You don’t know how many times, I had to make up excuses (usually that I thought I was over my ex girlfriend but nope I wasn’t) to backstroke out of a woman’s apartment when after some making out they do the unforgivable…they disappear into the bedroom and show up in a see through or nude. They can look great with clothes on BUT…when they take them off their boobs and but hit the ground like a “poached” egg.

    Wait guys…save…invest…keep in shape…we get BETTER with time. When an American women hits thirty five years of age…YOU CAN STICK A FORK IN HER…SHE’S DONE!

    Comment by David Hannum — December 21, 2007 @ 1:33 pm

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