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July 29, 2008

DV Watch

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I saw these two items in the paper today regarding DV… Not a single story about man-on-woman DV. Maybe if they didn’t have actual news to report they would have printed some front-page bullshit “studies show” fluff piece to balance out the truth. Notice that neither of these stories mention “Domestic Violence” since we allllll know the only acceptable definition of DV is brutal man-on-woman beating.

Wife Kills Hubby With Glass
New Jersey: Authorities say an 80 year old man died from injuries suffered when his wife hurled a cocktail glass and struck him in the head.
The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office said 76 year old Marlene Mackenzie will soon face an additional charge of reckless manslaughter. She was already charged with aggravated assault following the incident last week. Robert Mackenzie was hospitalized and died about 18 hours later on Thursday night. The woman has been freed on $20,000 bail.

Beaten-up father-in-law cries for help
Cambridge Road resident alleges that his daughter-in-law thrashed him with an iron rod for no particular reason.

An elderly man allegedly beaten up by his own daughter-in-law has sought police protection.
S Ramachandran, a resident of Cambridge Road, has said in his complaint that his dil beat him with an iron rod when he went to the shop she was looking after. He was in the hospital recently for a prolonged period.
Ramachandran said Sujata didn’t want him to come to the shop and quarelled with him on returning home. He went to the shop everyday and returned after spending some time there. Sujata didn’t like it and she heaped insults on him, said his complaint.
Recently, Ramachandran went to the shop around 10 AM. Sujata, who saw him coming, started abusing him. When he asked her to keep quiet, she picked up an iron rod and started beating him.
“My hands and legs were bleeding and I fainted,” he told the police.
The police have registered a case against Sujata and seized the iron rod from the shop. The police are also trying to ascertain the veracity of the complaint.

And this is the same country (India) that recently said that women alleging rape were to be automatically believed by virtue of working up the courage to file a rape allegation.


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