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August 4, 2008

NM Court orders sperm donor to pay Child Support

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The rulings are coming to the US from the rest of the feminized world… Now its open season on sperm donors.

Court orders sperm donor to pay child support

The Associated Press

SANTA FE — A court battle over whether a sperm donor should pay a higher rate of child support has ended with a ruling that the man is liable because he has taken an active role in raising the children.
Kevin Zoernig had argued he was not required to pay child support because he is a sperm donor and is protected under the state’s Uniform Parentage Act.
But the state Court of Appeals noted in its July 25 opinion that this was not a case involving an anonymous donor or a known donor who provided sperm to a licensed physician under an agreement in which he agreed to have no parental rights.
In this case, Janna Mintz inseminated herself using what the court describes as a “syringe-like implement.”

The court said Thursday that the opinion, as a formal published opinion instead of a memorandum opinion, can be cited as a precedent.
Zoernig agreed in 1994 to donate sperm so that Mintz and her partner at the time, Deborah Mrantz, could have a child. After the couple broke up, Zoernig fathered another child for Mintz, again as a sperm donor.

Zoernig, Mintz and Mrantz had entered into an agreement in 1994 in which the female couple would be the child’s primary custodians. Zoernig would serve as a male role model but not be financially obligated to support the child. Mintz and Zoernig entered into a similar agreement for the second child, born in 1997, court records show.

Although Mintz is the children’s primary custodian, they stay with Zoernig every other weekend during the school year and half the summer. Zoernig, 50, now is married and has three children with his wife.
In February 2000, Mintz sought child support payments from Zoernig. The parties agreed the following year that Zoernig would pay $250 a month in child support, plus $50 a month toward arrears, according to court documents.

In 2004, Mintz filed a motion to raise those payments, saying her financial situation had changed. A state district judge adopted a new rate of $670 a month.
Zoernig turned to the Court of Appeals, challenging his obligation to provide any support as well as the higher rate, since the children were conceived through artificial insemination.
The appellate court said he must pay support for both children.
The court said he “enjoys the rights of parenthood,” and that the agreements entered into prior to conception “that purport to absolve him of his responsibility to pay child support” are not enforceable.

Mintz, who now has a husband, said she is pleased with the ruling.
“The decision represents a big victory for our children because their father will continue to provide support for them,” she said in a statement.
Zoernig said the battle “shows you that people who make well-intended agreements outside of the court system can easily be swept into the court system.”

This is the archetype of an American woman. First she’s in a lesbian relationship and thus needs sperm from a third-party to make a child, then she’s out of the lesbian relationship and needs money from someone else so she uses the child support excuse to fleece a man who had signed contracts with her in good faith, and now she’s married and still wants more money. Meanwhile, the man who wants to provide for his own family is screwed because of this “non-traditional family” witch.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder what “rights” the poor man enjoyed to the child. I have no doubt at all that he was allowed no say whatsoever in the raising of the kids. Rights enjoyed? Maybe he was allowed to tickle their tummy from time to time and had the privilege of babysitting when the lesbo bitch went out to screw around. How do you think she got her husband?

Have no fear, women. There are still plenty of dumb men, manginas and suckers out there for the taking. You might have to search a wee bit harder, but you’ll find yours. Just keep hating men and using them, they will just keep on popping up like a game of Whack the Weasel. After all, men are just weasels, right? How dare they love women and appreciate and cherish them!! It is women’s bounden duty to use their sexuality and men’s good nature to exploit men as much as they possibly can.

What a sucker, right? Believing that he could trust a woman’s word. Hahahah he sure got what was coming to him huh.



  1. What a dumb ass. Probably one of those male feminist. I try to warn those guys too. A judge only sees a man and the feminized courts will nail them to a cross like a man.

    Comment by don't be a sucker — August 4, 2008 @ 7:19 am

  2. first of all, this is not an anonymous donor obviously. he is taking part as the children’s father and therefore needs to contribute to the care of the kids. i don’t see why this is such a big deal to even discuss. he is a willing party.

    Comment by Lee Wong — August 4, 2008 @ 12:23 pm

  3. This is not just about a non-anonymous donor, this is the first step towards making all donors financially responsible for “their” kids while giving them even fewer rights than a father. Go ahead and call me tinfoil hat, but just look back at the last two decades and see what fantastic steps have been taken to demonize men and make them pay, pay, pay.

    As an uncle myself, I also take care of my family’s kids. I sometimes feed them, have changed diapers and taken them out to the park and shopping. Just because I’ve done some of the things that a father typically does, that means I’m on the hook for child support? Child support, by the way, is solely about money. Not about being a parent. Oh no, the government actively encourages women to withhold children from fathers (sorry, child support obligors). And actively encourages women to kill, mutilate and abuse children with the laughable sentences they give out. Just look at the latest case – woman kills kids, boyfriend charged with “he should have kidnapped the kids from her or somehow stopped her from abusing them” – yet if he had done that, he would be a felon. Heck, even a Dad taking his children can be the subject of an amber alert let alone a boyfriend.

    Comment by Pete — August 4, 2008 @ 9:50 pm

  4. funny, as a western female, i recieved split 50-50, no child support… funny thing! the guy disappeared to montana living in the mountains some place. i guess we all have stuff to bitch about.

    Comment by lorie layman — August 11, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

  5. You know what? I don’t have any money to give you and I do not see how revoking one’s license would increase the possibility of one ever making a payment to you. Times are hard enough in these current economic conditions for the courts or anyone else for that matter to impose a financial obligation upon another person. Threatening a person who has nothing will get you just that. I am sure that men across the country who have children by these women by their choosing or not, have suffered from not seeing their children or receiving the respect from their ex in the first place warranting any compensation. For you to extort another person should be and I believe is illegal. If I were to resort to thievery, narcotics trafficking, or bank robbery in order to pay this “debt”, I would hold you fully responsible for driving me or any other man to this type of behavior. I am developing a case of depression and anxiety over this issue because I have no control over or any say in the matter. I believe this could be associated with suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and other serious emotional and mental conditions.Without any prior knowledge or insight into the past and dissolved relationship myself or any other man has gone through and decide to jeopardize his freedom over the bitterness and accusations of some woman is unheard of and unacceptable. If the circumstances were different meaning if I were white or Hispanic and perhaps the woman was sane and tolerable, we would not be going through this. For the courts to reward her dishonesty and irresponsible sexual behavior is inexplicable and inexcusable. Children are not items on QVC to be divided up and crunched into numbers by the courts or any man or woman born of this earth being that you know nothing of the relationship nor circumstances involving my children or the past I have suffered nor expenses I have incurred due to the actions of this woman.

    Is he black?
    i do not think so……

    i myself am a Hispanic. But hey sometimes i gotta dmit hispanics try to take advantage of the system and what not.

    Where were you for my mother and I when we were forced to stand in line for commodities because she didn’t have enough money to support her small family. Where were you when I was sifting through clothes at the goodwill or shelter just to have something on my back to go to school? Where were you when children needed you to help them through abuse and neglect from distraught parents at their wits end about what to do when you cut their benefits, where were you then?
    Your system is broken and your courts are biased. When a man cannot find suitable employment or is continually a victim of a bigot employer in this country, what is left for that man to do? Some steal, some violently rob, some go to extreme lengths and put their freedom on the line only to hustle up enough money at the end of the day which may or may not be enough to even afford a decent meal. What do you suggest? What is your solution to the unemployment epidemic spreading across this country? What is your plan for solve when an employer refers to a black employee as a “slave”? What do you do when you are pulled over on your way to or from work because you fit the description of a suspect they are “looking for” or don’t fit the profile of the typical New Mexican neighbor and every argument is an excuse for police to come by and “make sure everything is okay here, ma’am?” What do you do?
    How about a case when the father of the children is assaulted in his own home where he shelters and feeds his children after coming home from a long day of work for the benefit of his family only to be beaten down by police officers with batons and closed fists in his home leaving him with contusions, bruises and lacerations reducing him to bleeding from behind his ear over a white couch while on his knees with his hand voluntarily behind his back pleading for to the officer to please stop repeating, “I am not resisting, I am not resisting!”
    What about the nightmares and career ruined behind the actions of a crazed woman beating on the doors of his place of work resulting in his termination? What compensation package do you have for him? What support system is in place for mentally defeated fathers who have suffered emotional, educational, and financial damage behind the actions of these irresponsible young women who prey on these young men because they know the system will take their side? Who will listen to these men who were “stepped out” on or were unsuspecting victims of a promiscuous spouse and had finally had enough and felt that walking away was the most humane thing to do for the future of the children?
    You want to reward these women for this? When things don’t work out in my life, can I depend on her to send me $500.00 each month for “support”? No, I can’t. She has moved on with her life and had another child with another man not more than 9 months after the fact. …And for this, you want me to work for a bigot, hold up a convenience store, or dance on a street corner for money to pay “support”? I don’t have any money and I am happier for it. Birthday presents, Christmas gifts, just because cards and flowers for the little girl or a shiny truck for the boy is more than I received and it did not damage me in the least. The system has done more damage than any absent father who didn’t pay support.

    Comment by fuckyomama — September 26, 2008 @ 9:26 am

  6. I think this is sickening. I’ve read quite a bit about this an similar incidents, and the courts routinely make the man pay. See these articles:,9171,1580398,00.html

    The rationale is generally “we need SOMEBODY to pay for this child, and if we don’t have somebody else, it’s gonna be you”. While I commiserate with lawmakers’ desire to serve the best interests of the child, this country is about people’s rights, and these are all situations where the father has no just obligation to pay child support. Thus, EVEN IF IT HURTS THE CHILD, the man’s right to his money must be respected.

    I think Benjamin Franklin who said “he who sacrifices liberty for safety deserves neither and will lose both”. If we are willing to trample peoples’ right so that the court can easily make sure there’s an independent income stream, why not just become communist?

    Comment by Field — October 4, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

  7. Extemely stupid mistake my a feminized man. I’m sorrt, but this is completely his own fault. Why would you donate sperm to a couple of lesbians?

    Comment by Duped Dads — February 5, 2009 @ 4:24 am

  8. Im a legal resident living in the US getting divorce and wondering about the child support issues… As today 04/15/2010 My wife is a US citizen and wants the divorce and me only resident and she wants 20-25% because we have 2 US citizens kids and my question is… If my US resident card expires in 02/2011, and I don’t get it renewed, I leave the country or move far away somewhere else. Am I obligated to pay child support even when I am not a US citizen?
    I’m willing to send my application to become CITIZEN right away, but I want to know what will happen if I don’t obtain my US citizenship.
    I am not running away from my kids because I love them, and I know legally my immigration status will change after the (non renewal residency) forever, I don’t know, and if my visa will be renewed…!

    Thank you for any advice!!!

    Comment by JMM — April 15, 2010 @ 11:33 am

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