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August 7, 2008

Tread softly, men. Predators are on the prowl

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Two articles posted in quick succession caught my attention recently. Both articles are about marrying and becoming a man-slave to some entitled skank.

First: Shine of super-mum wears off in UK and US.

Second: No kids, no jobs for growing numbers of wives.

Watch the fuck out, because women are looking for an early retirement on your dime.

The first article (Shine of super-mom wears off) talks about how women don’t see the appeal of being a high-powered do-it-all paragon of high-powered careerwoman and caring mother anymore. First of all, let me talk about how its a fucking illusion in the media that women who work at pitiful entry-level and middle management jobs are on some kind of career track.

Sure these chicks are on a career track – but one that they themselves don’t want to continue on because, you see, working is hard!! Yes sir. Working is hard, which is why record numbers of women take themselves out of the workforce with the ease of a bad boy dick plopping out of a liberated skank’s gash. Sorry for the disgusting imagery, its just how I feel about women who work until they snag a man and then decide that they’re done working for a living and want to raise “their kids” on someone else’s dime.

No mention, naturally, of the men who have been working tirelessly in the background. While women were crowing about going to work, while they were crowing about being high-powered executives, while they were crowing about being able to vanquish a man with two words, “sexual harassment,” while they invaded workplaces and made them more and more feminine and pushed men further and further out while adding sex to the workplace, men were working tirelessly in the background.

You know, I keep remembering that Russian women guy while I post this. I think, “Am I really becoming another feminist stooge?” But then I realize that women in the west have no sense of fairness and no sense of family. You give them the opportunity to stay at home doing what they love and impressing upon children the importance of mom, and they claim they are bored and start fucking the poolboy. You give them the chance to get out of the rat race in which the rats inevitably end up dead and crushed under the millions of other rats trying to get ahead, and she claims she sacrificed her career. You think “Yes, maybe she should stay home with the child during its formative years,” and she hatches a plan to get out of the workforce for good. And make you pay twice for it.

She does something in her career or life that’s not even remotely news-worthy, and all of a sudden it needs to be celebrated because a fucking vagina-owner did it.

Western women’s idea of parenting is to drop the kids off at the sitter/daycare/soccer and go to Starbucks/Nails Palace/Mall. For the kids to come home to an empty house, microwave their own meal, while she is out with her other early-retirement friends frittering away their husbands’ money, yakking about how much they hate men.

The second article’s examples are great. They completely show how women are either incapable of dealing with the normal pressures of day-to-day life or how they find a husband to ride on. The first example woman is someone who couldn’t face the extraordinary pressure of earning a living at the same time as living a life. Now, well she’s living high on the hog while her personal slave thinks its so awesome that he has a “traditional” wife. Well, until she gets rid of him and keeps his money and assets and retirement.

This is rich:

Davis says her life isn’t luxurious. “Tuesdays are my laundry day,” she says. “I go grocery shopping on Wednesdays and clean house on Thursdays.” Mondays and Fridays are reserved for appointments and other errands.

But her schedule also allows for charity work and leisure: reading, creative writing and exploring new hobbies, like sewing.

It’s a lifestyle, Davis says, that has made her happier and brought her closer to her husband. “We’re no longer stressed out,” she says; because she takes care of the home, there are virtually no “honey-do” lists to hand over.

I can just imagine her looking at her manicured hands and saying in a plaintive voice, “Like OMG, I’m such a slave! I have do, like, laundry!!” You know what’s my laundry day? Its any damn day of the week where I have an hour and a half that I’m not going anywhere. And if I had a machine in my apartment, it would be any 5 minutes that I can spare to put clothes in the washer, put in detergent and close the damn lid. She makes it sound like such a chore.

Also, no honey-do lists. Yeah right, she definitely ain’t counting all the man-stuff around the house. The dangerous, the disgusting and the scary – “oooh a spider! Quick honey, do!!”

The best part is how their only qualms, their only concerns are about how they’re letting down dead feminists. Dead feminists who were themselves kept women, writing in their New Jersey luxury apartments while being attended to by maids their husband had paid for.

“I worried about gaps in my resume,” she says. And there was something else: “I thought about the feminist movement — all those women who worked so hard so that I could go out and have a good career, and I was kind of saying ‘no thanks.'”

They’re more worried about how they’ll get a job, oops a career when she divorces him, takes his money, sucks him dry and then tells the court to run him through the wringer once every month for the child support. Alimony is going out of style, you see. The latest buzz is exorbitant amounts of child support.

But maybe I’m wrong… maybe I just need to grow up, be a real man and pay for women who may or may not suck my cock. Yeah right!



  1. Good blog and keep up the good work pete!

    I recently ran across this and thought that you might be interested. It’s an article about Bostons insane divorce laws and how it’s having a chilling effect on marriage.

    Since Boston’s new ruling that 2nd wives of divorced husbands have to pay alimony if hubby doesn’t have the money all hell is breaking loose. Interesting read.

    Comment by Mike Hunter — August 7, 2008 @ 7:55 pm

  2. We have known for many years the way to get something fixed is to screw women with it. In this case, those women paid no attention to the alimony laws, until they took the logical next step and ordered women to pay for a man. Then, lookout brother John, this is terrible.

    Listen to the whining when they make a rich fiend pay a man, such as movie stars who have to pay property settlement to their ex-husbands when they divorce.

    Comment by irlandes — August 8, 2008 @ 7:24 am

  3. Thinking this over, it looks like women have changed their minds about the big career,and housewives being exploited and oppressed. So, now many will want to be stay-at-home wives.

    “Hey, guys, I know there were 30 or 40 years where we were sort of experimenting, and kicked you guys in the privates when you said we would be better off as housewives. Well, we finally realize you were right, so we want a Real Man who will work himself to death so we can lounge about with the pool boy. Of course, you won’t mind a little vacuuming when you get home, right?”

    “Guys? Guys?? Guys??? Hello? Hello?”

    “Men today are all bad. They won’t go along with our choice of programs.”

    Comment by irlandes — August 13, 2008 @ 6:34 am

  4. I also came across that CNN article. These men have no idea what kind of danger they are putting themselves into by giving these women the gift of the easy life. The way Family Courts reason, it wifey decides to take a walk in a few more years, then the husband will be ORDERED to continue supporting her for life b/c she got used to it. Gift Today = Obligation Tomorrow.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    Comment by David — August 13, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

  5. funny, i met a russian young woman in a bar last night and she hit on me. i took her home, we fooled around and she asked me if i were “rich?” she said she had been living in this country for 1 year. quite frankly i felt a tinge of panic… scary.

    Comment by LW — August 16, 2008 @ 8:56 am

  6. Re: LW

    Russian women are cunning little critters. Most women living in predominantly patriarchal socities AND seeking citizenship in the good ol USA are cunning little predators looking for freedom and liberalism. Stats prove that most of the reject American men who fly over to Russia in search of a wife etc. are not able to connect with the stereotypical Russian beauty but instead get the tough, independent liberal wannabees.

    Lw, don’t ignore that panicky feeling, its telling you somethin so listen. Fantasy is all around us guys.

    Comment by lennylovestexas — September 14, 2008 @ 2:45 pm

  7. The second article on the stay at home moms is interesting. Wow. Maybe this leaves time for some good love making. God knows we could all use that.

    Comment by lennylovestexas — September 14, 2008 @ 2:48 pm

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