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August 21, 2008

Bikini Baristas scald guy dressed better than them

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You know, if you read my blog or any other MRA blog with any sort of frequency you already know that male life is worth an infinitesimal fraction of any given female’s life. She can be a coked out druggie stripper who accuses some upstanding guys of rape, and its curtains for them – even the government will lie and cheat to support her. Thus was born the term “Nifonged”.

But anyway, this story is interesting to me because of the rampant hypocrisy displayed by the women and the complete lack of punishment they will receive.

PARKLAND, Wash. — A man dressed in woman’s underwear and exposing himself drove up to a Parkland espresso stand three times before one of the baristas threw a cup of boiling water at him, said the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

Jamae Feddock, a bikini clad barista at Java Girls, said she first thought the man dressed in women’s underwear and exposing himself was a sick joke, until the man came back several times.

The first time he came to the window Feddock said he was wearing a white bra and white panties and touching himself inappropriately.

Then he came back a second time.

“He has underwear over his face, he’s wearing hot pink panties now and the underwear that he was wearing is over his face and there’s a little peephole so he can see,” Feddock said.

Feddock and another barista were working around 5 a.m. last Thursday when the incident happened. They tried to get a look at the man’s license plate, but that too was covered up with women’s underwear.

When the man came back a third time one of the baristas took a cup of 220 degree water and doused him with it.

“Kylie opened the door and threw boiling hot water on his face and his chest and he said oooh yeah,” Feddock said.

Police agencies around Pierce County said they are seeing more and more incidents of indecent exposure — as more coffee stands open — many with women dressed provocatively — or barely dressed at all.

“I don’t think we can make a quid pro quo there that this is causing the effect, and they certainly don’t deserve that behavior, but we do have some of these stands that have been victimized by these activities,” said Det. Sgt. Jerry Bates a Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Anyone with information should call the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

So get this. Here are a couple of bikini baristas. Who are dressed in, you know, bikinis. Something that can reveal a lot more than women’s underwear depending on the style of underwear we’re talking about. Because its a given that the bikinis will have been selected for maximum display while remaining legal. Let me repeat this for you – the women were dressed just as lewdly as the guy. When women can wear pants, blazers and look as butch and unfeminine as they want, who the fuck is to say that men can’t wear women’s underwear? I’m not going to go out in underwear or a skirt because of the social stigma (understatement of the year) but social stigma is completely different from legality. If these women are dressed in a two-piece, the guy has as much right to be there in his underwear as them. Its the same public area, they’re wearing the same amount of clothing, why is there a double standard in which its A-OK to assault him?

And the guy, when they threw boiling water at him, said “Oh yeah”? Really, am I supposed to fucking believe that? Did they scald the goddamn Kool-Aid jug/man?

So this couple of fucking stripper rejects who are working at a fucking coffee shop get so uptight over a guy who, admittedly, is not the cream of the crop, that they take it upon themselves to throw boiling water at him? On his bare skin?

Let me remind you – the famous coffee that got McDonald’s sued was at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The water these girls used was at least 212F and that kind of temperature leads to third degree burns easily. Those are the kinds of burns that require skin grafts.

I fervently hope the guy comes forward and sues the bitches and the fucking $5 a cup coffee company they work for. Maybe that would send a message that assaulting people is not on. Oh, who am I kidding. If he comes forward he can look forward to a lifetime on the sexual predators’ registry and will end up getting sued by the stripper rejects for visual harassment or something.



  1. Hey Pete, I put all of my anti-American female posters into one location- here: they’re updated & a lot of new ones on there too for every anti-feminist blogger to use on their blogs. I’m always making more so look for more to keep being added. You probably know me by my essay ‘The Problem With Women Today.’

    Comment by Reality2008 — August 25, 2008 @ 7:20 pm

  2. Well Reality,
    I think you place too much power onto females. Relax. Go find yourself a friend. Too much power, emphasis and overestimatin of the female. They are not that powerful. Most of you are blowing steam off but in fact you wish you could get love. Give it, you’ll get it.
    Cheers buddy.

    Comment by lennylovestexas — September 14, 2008 @ 2:58 pm

  3. Lenny,

    It may well be that women themselves don’t have that much power. In an individual sense, you are right, they do not. Their power, like most well connected people, comes from two fundamental sources:

    1). A gestalt of like-minded beings. One individual woman bitching and moaning doesn’t present much threat or irritation to anyone. A large hive-mind of similar sentiment poses plenty of both.

    2). The lawmakers, who are interested in keeping their no-show jobs, cater to whomever holds the loudest voice. A thousand women screaming about the perceived injustices perpetrated upon them will everlastingly be louder than the hundred or so men who have the nerve to protest back.

    The reality of hive mentality is that it is a most efficient way to propagate an idea. If one person identifies with even one or two ideas promulgated by hate speech, then that serves as an in-road to the remaining hatred propagated as truth. Even a reasonably inclined individual will fall prey to this subtle poisoning; in for a penny, in for a pound, after all. We men do not have that kind of power, because too many of us will give up on our sense of justice if we find one woman whom we can tolerate for a while. Their strength is the hive mentality; our weakness is enslavement to libido. Don’t think even for a minute that this is not exploited every day, just like it has been for more than four decades.

    To your point about us wanting love. True, we do just as women do. The very real problem is that a man gaining love is contingent upon some form of supplication to a woman’s will. And of course, when a man’s personal nature and philosophy is subsumed enough, he ceases to be “the man she fell in love with”.

    If genuine love is being offered, it will come unconditional upon a man changing his nature. It’s really nice to look at the nature of love as being a simple transaction of giving in order to get. That may work in fairy tales, but not between real people and in real life. It’s high time men start demanding that they be respected for who they are, not for who they could be molded into.

    Sorry to say, women do hold the real power in the governance of this society. They do hold the power in the form of unfair laws, and hate speech promoted as truth. If the hive mind wants to hate, then they shouldn’t expect anything more than an equal portion of it right back at them. Reality’s pages are not over-blown nor fallacious. They are an open-eyed view of what is the true nature of women and the state of society they have created. It is a long view, but it’s no less valid.

    Comment by curiepoint — September 20, 2008 @ 10:05 am

  4. I’m getting tired of manginas like lennylovesmydick.

    Comment by Masculist Man — November 1, 2008 @ 12:38 pm

  5. Am I missing the part where they went to jail … or what?


    Comment by L. Steven Beene II — December 11, 2009 @ 5:22 pm

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