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September 23, 2008

Why we must be wary of women in the men’s movement

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I just saw this piece on the dontmarry forum. Synopsis: A woman who was deeply involved with multiple fathers rights groups now claims that they’re all abusers, every last one of them. Oh, and count among the abusers those who were ever on the receiving end of a restraining order or false accusation of DV.

When dad is just bad

What’s a conference on domestic violence without fireworks? An American speaker shot off a doozy here yesterday, charging that the leaders of some fathers’ rights groups are abusers who use the organizations as tools to harass women.

“It’s really important that we recognize that they’re gaining traction,” Rita Smith, executive director of the U.S. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, told an international women’s shelters conference.

In a later interview, Smith said her experience of men working on fathers’ rights is that many of the leaders are abusers or were accused of abuse.

“The agenda, often by the leadership, is to completely undermine women’s rights,” she said. “The ones that are the most dangerous are, in fact, creating safety problems for women and children.”

Many who join such groups aren’t abusive – they just lost a custody battle, Smith said, and are being used.

“Our responsibility is to try to figure out which of those groups are legitimate and which of those groups are simply a way for abusers to continue using the legal system to abuse women.”

Want more fireworks? Here goes. Smith also said domestic abusers who fight for custody in U.S. courts win full custody, joint custody or unsupervised access 70% of the time, regardless of the evidence of the mother.

She attributes it to a court gender bias. “For whatever reason, women are not believed,” she told me. “There’s this myth in the family court system in the U.S. that women lie about abuse to gain custody. There’s been no … evidence to indicate that’s true.”

Advocates and experts are trying to reform the U.S. family court system, she added. “It’s pretty broken.”

Her comments were echoed by speaker Sandra Ramos, who runs a shelter for homeless battered women and children in New Jersey and teaches college students about domestic violence.

Said Ramos: “When I tell my students batterers and child molesters get custody, they go, ‘No, that’s ridiculous.’

“If you have money for a good lawyer, you can win anything.”

Abusers fight for custody as a backlash, to try to regain control and hurt the victims for leaving them, said Ramos.

“Batterers are insecure cowards and bullies,” she added. “The way to hurt (their ex-wives) and not have to pay child support is to get the children.”

Abusive men win custody of their kids in Canada as well, said Jan Reimer, provincial co-ordinator of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters. “There’s a feeling that even if a perpetrator is abusing the mom, he doesn’t hurt the child,” she said. “The child is used as a pawn to get at the mother.”

Let’s count our blessings, folks, that the vast majority of custody cases are settled amicably outside court.

So enough about custody battles. There are 800 delegates — mostly women but a few good men — at this week’s conference of shelter workers and they all have incredible stories.

Ece Tuncay, who gave a presentation yesterday, is a clinical psychologist with a shelter in Ankara, Turkey, for female victims of human trafficking. There is another in Istanbul and they are desperately needed because Turkey is a destination country for trafficked women from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Moldova.

The women are tricked into thinking they’ll work as cooks or cleaners and then forced into prostitution, said Tuncay.

“They are not generally able to escape because a pimp always accompanies them.”

But there are hotlines the women can call and, in a strange twist of fate, Turkish johns sometimes feel sorry for them and call the police to rescue them, added Tuncay.

Her group gets the trafficked women safe housing and counselling. Then, with the help of the International Organization for Migration, the women travel safely home.

Every woman saved is a success story. As Reimer, the prime organizer behind this incredible gathering, commented to the delegates Monday night, shelter workers toil in the middle of a “hurricane of suffering” to keep women alive.

No other profession, she added, sees such a constant reminder of men’s inhumanity to women.

I give the last word to Smith who quipped to the hundreds of shelter workers: “I look forward to the day when we all have something else to do in our lives.”

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You know, this completely underscores how women can lie so easily and utter utter whoppers with consummate ease. Then when they’re caught with it, they get away without so much as a smack on the bum. Lenore Weitzman anyone?

This Rita woman was involved with FRA groups for God knows how long, she was definitely treated with kid gloves, probably set quite a few men on each other for alleged misogyny, and now after all that, she claims that the leaders are all abusers? What in the flying fuck? How can somebody believe this shit? Oh wait, she’s a member of the Royal Sex. The Emperor has no clothes and so on but “the parade must go on”. 

Each woman is a double agent until proven otherwise. I’m not of the view that they are helpless creatures who can’t help but take part in a giant sisterhood where the only bond is to be born with a set of female genitals. Oh no, women like Rita Smith are pure evil.


Sits back and waits for accusations of misogyny to fly. 



  1. You misogynist, you!

    Good to see you posting again, Pete!

    Comment by Hawaiian Libertarian — September 23, 2008 @ 2:34 pm

  2. “Each woman is a double agent until proven otherwise.”

    No woman is ever a partner in building civilisations.
    Building civilisations is what men do and what women try to avoid and/or exploit.

    This is so because of conflicting interests, i.e. difference in reproduction strategies.

    The smartest move a woman can make is to join the men. This ensures there will never be an agreement on oganisation and she will be able to exploit the benefits of pitting them against each other.

    This is a direct step back to a chimpansee life-style in groups ‘lead’ by ever changing alpha males.

    Do never forget that any civilisation is MAN made. It serves the purpose of levelling the playing field for all men and create a surplus to the benefit of all members of this civilisation.

    Civilisation works well without the help of women AND civilisations crumble as soon as female interference is allowed.

    Thanks for a good article Pete.

    Comment by Ragnar — September 24, 2008 @ 1:38 am

  3. I posted this on another forum some time ago, reminded of it by Ragnar.

    This is not an original idea. How many times a day do you hear that men are just plain no good and the planet would be better off without them? Ten times a day? A hundred times a day?

    Any woman who can find nothing good to say about men is mentally ill, when we examine the evidence all around us; over us; under us. The very fact most women even exist is a direct result of the work of men, and I do not mean supplying genetic materials.

    Walk over to the window and look out. Everything you see out there was either made or invented by men, and usually both made AND invented by men.

    The streets. The street lights. The sidewalks. The cars; trucks; and motorcycles driving by. The electric wires. The telephone wires. The cable TV wires. The water pipes under the ground. The sewage pipes under the ground. The storm sewers. Anything else you see out there that is made by humans was invented or made by men.

    The floor or carpet you walked on to get to the window was almost certainly installed by men. The window was installed by men. The wall the window is in was installed by men. The foundation of the building was installed by men.

    The electrical wires in your building were installed by men. The telephone was invented by a man. The computer and its software you are using to read this was invented by men.The climate control which keeps you comfortable was invented and developed by a man.

    If everything made or invented by men were removed, you would be looking at native plants from the entrance of your cave. And, you would be hungry and cold and wearing rabbit skins.

    If you want to see what it’s like when women are in charge, visit your local slum, preferably at midnight if you dare. Every town over 10,000 people has a well known place like this.

    The yards will be unmowed and littered with junk. Houses will be boarded up. Burned cars will be lying in the streets. Nobody has a job; except for prostitution; pimping; burglary; and dealing drugs. Every house you see is a female headed household.

    Find the best part of your town, where the streets are clean, the yards are well maintained; the houses are in great shape. Most of these houses belong to male headed households.

    For forty years, every male has had to listen daily to a litany of male failings and evils. Yet, everything I have written here is absolute truth.

    When I originally wrote this, I had not thought it out very well. In truth, if it weren’t for men, most women would not even exist. It was men who invented vaccinations which stopped the great decimating epidemics of history. It was men who opened the New World for more than trivial indigenous matriarchies.


    I worked with a father’s rights organization in the 80’s. The second wives came along to control things. And, every second wife who came with her husband eventually divorced him. The women will emasculate any men’s organization they are allowed to join.

    We had a number of men who were accused of abuse, though 85% of such charges in our state during divorce were false. This fiend is lying when she says there is no evidence abuse charges are filed to gain rights. Lawyers talk about that all the time.

    This proves you cannot debate or discuss things with women The muslims, alas, are right.

    Comment by irlandes — September 24, 2008 @ 8:58 pm

  4. Thanks Irlandes.
    Have read your initial post before and there is no doubt that men are influencing each others way of thinking.
    Maybe we have a new civilisation in the making? 🙂

    Comment by ragnar — September 25, 2008 @ 7:35 am

  5. Single Father Turned Bank Robber to Help His Girls, Police Say
    After Stock Market Dive, Giammanco Allegedly Turned to Life of Crime
    Sept. 26, 2008 —

    Tough economic times have driven some people to desperate measures, but few are accused of going quite so far as Missouri resident Keith Giammanco.

    According to police, Giammanco went on a 10-month bank robbing spree in which he stole a total of around $100,000 from 12 banks in the St. Louis area. The robber earned the nickname “The Boonie Hat Bandit” for the military-style hats he wore. Police say Giammanco did it to provide for his 17-year-old twin daughters.

    “He’s my Robin Hood, taking from greedy banks and giving to his daughters who need,” Giammanco’s daughter Elise told “Good Morning America.”

    Giammanco, a single dad and private day trader, reportedly fell on hard times when the stock market took a downturn and he became unable to provide for his daughters the way he liked or pay mortgage bills.

    “He took the role of mom and dad,” Elise said. “He was working and he was doing laundry.”

    Giammanco then turned to a life of crime, police say, by entering banks during regular business hours and slipping the teller a note. He never used a gun.

    But one quick-acting teller was able to put the 10-month crime spree to an end.

    “The employee was able to get the license plate of the vehicle, which was then given to responding officers,” Detective John Bradley told “GMA.”

    “He expressed that this isn’t the type of person that he is and felt that he had to do this to help his family,” Bradley said.

    Giammanco’s daughters were stunned by the news.

    “It must be a mistake. I fell to my knees and cried,” Marissa said.

    The twins, who are seniors in high school and were planning to go to college next year, are now coping with life without either parent.

    “It’s odd to think that I won’t be able to do anything with my dad outside of a little prison cell for years,” Marissa said. “Both of my parents are gone. What am I going to do?”

    “Who’s going to be there to walk me down the aisle?” Elise said. “And who’s going to be there when I really need somebody to talk to?”

    Giammanco is currently being held in a St. Louis jail and, though police say he confessed to robbing the 12 banks, has yet to enter a plea.

    Copyright © 2008 ABC News Internet Ventures

    Comment by LW — September 26, 2008 @ 7:33 am

  6. Hi LW

    I saw that same article. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man was obviously desperate. Maybe some of you can understand how a single mother feels when the father abandons the child, same thing. It is a sad story. SINGLE PARENTS have to fend for their children and without child support, it is pure HELL.

    Comment by lennylovestexas — September 26, 2008 @ 7:40 am

  7. Can you believe this? In Australia, they are extending ‘marriage’, and all the penalties that marriage delivers to men, to men who haven’t even gotten married.

    I believe that under the new legislation, a couple living together for 2 years (cohabiting), is deemed to have crossed the threshold where a marriage-equivalent asset-split can occur.

    ‘De facto splits on a par with divorce’.

    Covers the same story: ‘De facto couples bill passed by Senate’:

    And how charming, now a man and his girlfriend can sign a ‘prenup’, because in the eyes of the law, they’re now ‘married’ – at least as far as legally having a shot at his assets is concerned.

    ‘Prenuptial rights for same-sex, unmarried’:

    This is total, outrageous, feminist overreach. Two years of sex with a girlfriend should *not* cost a man his house.

    Comment by 'Marriage' forced upon the unmarried in Australia — October 19, 2008 @ 2:32 am

  8. Their actions will speak far more than their words. The real allies of men will show trustworthiness by what they do, and not what they say. Already, there are a couple whom have earned a degree of trust from me, and thus I don’t count them any longer amongst the trash-talkers, the big-mouths, and the liars. Does this mean that they are not immune to “a woman’s prerogative” to change their minds and do a 180 on us, but then again that possibility exists with anyone, male or female.

    It’s a pity that there are so few women who will take our side in this gender divide; they would be the ones who would lead their sisters by example.

    Comment by Curiepoint — October 21, 2008 @ 5:39 pm

  9. I believe I’ve said don’t trust women in the men’s movement. If Emma didn’t teach you before then perhaps this will.

    Comment by Masculist Man — November 1, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

  10. Men basically created civilizations for the comfort of women.
    It looks like women no longer want that.

    Men are now free. Men do not need civilization to survive.
    So why bother?

    Enjoy life and quit worrying.

    Comment by Gaspard Theral — November 17, 2008 @ 8:25 am

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