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November 13, 2009

Army gets creative – again!

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We all remember Jessica Lynch, right? That honorable, courageous, brave woman who practically channeled Rambo and the Terminator in dusty old Iraq … err I mean the lady who didn’t even fire a shot, and got taken care of very well by the Iraqis because she was a member of the Royal Sex.

Well, it appears we have another one. The Army just can’t stop its creative juices from flowing, can it?


That's not how you put foot in mouth!!

Senior Sgt Mark Todd says he fired the bullet that brought the gunman down.

A witness confirmed Sergeant Todd’s account.In the interview, Sergeant Todd said he and Sergeant Munley had pulled up to the scene in separate cars at the same time. He said they began running up a small hill toward the building that held the processing center where unarmed soldiers reported for check-ups and vaccinations before deployment. The gunman was already outside, Sergeant Todd recalled.

“That’s when the bystanders were pointing in his direction,” he said. “And when we popped up, he was standing there, and we shouted our commands — ‘Police, drop your weapons!’ — and he just opened fire on us.”

Sergeant Todd said he was slightly in front of Sergeant Munley on the hill. “Once we took fire, she broke right and I broke left,” he said.

Sergeant Todd said he did not see Sergeant Munley get shot. He said he started to circle around the building, but then backtracked as panicked bystanders told him of the gunman’s movements.

“As it unfolded, I went a different direction and he went a different direction, and we met up in the front of the building,” he said.

Sergeant Todd said he then saw Sergeant Munley on the ground, wounded. He shouted again at the gunman to drop his weapon.

“Once I came around the front of the building, I caught his attention again, started shouting commands, and then he opened up a second time,” Sergeant Todd said. “And that’s when I returned fire, neutralized him and secured him.”

Two things here –

  • is this account accurate?
  • will the Army let his account stand? Sometimes the truth doesn’t make such a hot story…

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