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January 23, 2010

Another winner of a mother

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This woman is batshit insane. But she will likely have some white knight supporters who think that no woman can do any wrong. Maybe even some old-fashioned types (like the male judges that give women large female sentencing discounts) who will think that “she dun good dere by punishing her sonny.”

To give you a taste of what she did:

A Georgia mother is accused of forcing her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster because of a bad report card. It happened last Thursday at the family’s home, said Meriwether County Sheriff Steve Witlock. Investigators said Lynn Geter made her son use a hammer to kill the hamster.

Fucked. Up. Let me remind readers that boys who are caught torturing or abusing animals are usually treated as budding serial killers and are given heavy sentences.

Three things I’d love to see:

1. Where is the father. Did she use the power of the state to kick him out of her son’s life?

2. Is she partially responsible for the poor grades in question?

3. How long a rap sheet does she already have?


January 15, 2010

The Feminine Mystique

Filed under: Uncategorized — Pete @ 10:06 pm is absolutely hilarious. Here’s a winner.

Women, oh women, why do you have the IQ of a baby?

Holy shit, is it women that are messed up or… Part II

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Well, after the few slut-defenders on the last post (I expected more, especially considering how it is de rigueur for anyone under a certain age to decry the slut/stud double standard as if it’s the most important thing in the world), I came across another winner.

This girl takes the cake. Like, seriously. I don’t even know what the fuck, but this is apparently the norm in adolescents in high school nowadays. If you aren’t infected with at least two or three STDs you’re a priss or loser.

She has a fucking deadline — she wants to get through all these boys before Summer of 2010!

She lists “V-Card” multiple times – for anyone who doesn’t know, that’s virginity. I guess it’ll go to whoever gets to her first.

She’ll only kiss Brian, but if he cuts his hair, he’s in for a real treat – maybe she’ll even swallow his cum!!

From the angry “NVM” – Never mind!! next to Jacob, one can only assume that he rejected her advances.

Can anyone pick out more hilarity from the picture? Full pic with comments after the break. (more…)

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