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May 21, 2010

Yes Virginia, Sarah Palin is a feminist

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You know, right around the time that the 2008 Presidential campaign really kicked into high gear, a lot of MRAs came out in support for McCain/Palin. Especially Sarah Palin, and not just because she was the alternative to VAWA-Biden.

Some men genuinely felt that she was the answer – that she was a traditional woman with conservative values that would take us back America back to its humble roots, achieve peace between the sexes, and so on.

How far we have come in two years.

After struggling with its definition and connotations, Sarah Palin has apparently made peace with the “F-word.” She freely used it in a May 14 speech for the Susan B. Anthony List, a PAC for antiabortion female congressional candidates.

Yes Virginia, she has come out and said it. She is a feminist. Just like every other politician, male or female. Until we men start to organize and make politicians see that the male vote exists and has value, this is what we’ll get.

Using grizzly bears as a metaphor, Palin seemed to imply that the tenets of feminism — or at least the word itself — need not apply solely to liberal, abortion-rights supporting (and, by implication, gun-eschewing, gay-marriage-advocating, reusable-eco-bag-toting, dangling-earring-wearing) women. Red-state PTA moms with a love of God and country can get in on the empowerment act too.

“The mama grizzlies, they rise up,” Palin said, adding that such women “can give their child life, in addition to pursuing career and education and avocations. Society wants to tell these young women otherwise. These feminist groups want to tell these women that, ‘No, you’re not capable of doing both.’ “

Now where have I heard this before? Oh yeah. Grrls can have it all. Same old tired shitty message, new lipstick on a retard-bearing pig.

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