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August 16, 2011

Justice system WTFs

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While browsing the news today, I came across two stories. See if you can spot the elusive (ha!) pussy pass.

Oregon Mother gets probation for home circumcision of her infant son.

Man who gave his girlfriend herpes gets 14 years in jail.

I don’t even know what to say. This kind of shit happens on a daily basis, even when we don’t know about it. Its fucked up beyond words how swiftly and decisively the hammer of justice is swung when the offender is male, but it turns into a light tap with a feather when the offender is female, no matter what the offense.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Eric Bergstrom told Peterson on Monday that “the reality is you love your children and had absolutely no intent to harm your child.”

See how the judge tells the woman what actually happened? That’s the most public coaching you ever saw in a case like this. In every situation where a woman is accused of committing harm, every step along the way, society’s enablers are there to help the woman go through. Next thing you know, she’ll be on Oprah, another “Survivor”.

Man gives his girlfriend herpes, he gets 14 years.

Woman intentionally lies, cheats and deceives man about child, she gets child support and society’s blessings – watch any Maury or Jerry Springer show about this. Watch how the woman is allowed to get a few shots in, physically or vocally while the man is muzzled. Whether or not the woman is lying, she is always the one who is comforted and the man is always boo’ed.

Society’s distaste of men except as walking ATMs and cannon fodder writ large.


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