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July 29, 2008

DV Watch

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I saw these two items in the paper today regarding DV… Not a single story about man-on-woman DV. Maybe if they didn’t have actual news to report they would have printed some front-page bullshit “studies show” fluff piece to balance out the truth. Notice that neither of these stories mention “Domestic Violence” since we allllll know the only acceptable definition of DV is brutal man-on-woman beating.

Wife Kills Hubby With Glass
New Jersey: Authorities say an 80 year old man died from injuries suffered when his wife hurled a cocktail glass and struck him in the head.
The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office said 76 year old Marlene Mackenzie will soon face an additional charge of reckless manslaughter. She was already charged with aggravated assault following the incident last week. Robert Mackenzie was hospitalized and died about 18 hours later on Thursday night. The woman has been freed on $20,000 bail.

Beaten-up father-in-law cries for help
Cambridge Road resident alleges that his daughter-in-law thrashed him with an iron rod for no particular reason.

An elderly man allegedly beaten up by his own daughter-in-law has sought police protection.
S Ramachandran, a resident of Cambridge Road, has said in his complaint that his dil beat him with an iron rod when he went to the shop she was looking after. He was in the hospital recently for a prolonged period.
Ramachandran said Sujata didn’t want him to come to the shop and quarelled with him on returning home. He went to the shop everyday and returned after spending some time there. Sujata didn’t like it and she heaped insults on him, said his complaint.
Recently, Ramachandran went to the shop around 10 AM. Sujata, who saw him coming, started abusing him. When he asked her to keep quiet, she picked up an iron rod and started beating him.
“My hands and legs were bleeding and I fainted,” he told the police.
The police have registered a case against Sujata and seized the iron rod from the shop. The police are also trying to ascertain the veracity of the complaint.

And this is the same country (India) that recently said that women alleging rape were to be automatically believed by virtue of working up the courage to file a rape allegation.

July 18, 2008

More people waking up to legalized misandry?

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I just saw this on a forum that I frequent. The guy I’m quoting is raising three kids, is awarded a pittance of $100/wk, which the mom obviously doesn’t pay, with obviously no consequences. Predictably, the child support enforcement agency doesn’t care, but there’s a twist…

My long custody battle ended with me having custody of our 3 kids, making sure they were doing well, and she being seen buying rounds of shots in a bar celebrating getting rid of her kids.

At the time when the custody case was settled she agreed to pay $100 a week in child support for our 3 children, one of which is handicapped and has lots of medical issues/expenses. Pretty lenient deal I think. It’s been around 5 years since then.

I had a long, long, talk with the MA Department of Revenue (DOR) today and we agreed that in the past 5 years there has been a total of around $200 paid into this account. The outstanding balance including penalties is over $35,000. After some pressing I found out that the last action that the DOR took was 2 years ago when they suspended her driving license. After she never appeared at court as required no further action was taken. This is very bothersome to me.

As it stands they’re going to pull her in for contempt for never responding to the notifications sent in 06 when here license was revoked and I’m working on finding out what fantastic case worker has let this slide for half a decade.

The real interesting part is that she got remarried not long ago. Apparently the guy is doing pretty well. Poor bastard, I’m certain that he has no idea that the DOR and the IRS are about to drop a load of shit bricks into their life.

I’m also just amazed at how the DOR has totally failed to follow up properly on this for so many years. I’m pissed at the state for letting this slide for so long and pissed at my ex for being a shitty mother. On another note she’s visited them once in the past 3 years. Bravo again.

edit: The biggest “Deadbeat Mom” comment in the title comes from looking at the top 10 most wanted by MA DOR that gets posted up in post offices etc. She isn’t there and a few of those guys owe less than my ex does.

I think the real reason that this bothers me so much isn’t about the 100 bux a week of support, that’s just a token. It’s about the difference that I have observed in how agencies work when mom is the custodial parent vs when dad is the custodial parent. After my ex split and before she abandoned the kids she had custody for about 8 years. During this time the DOR was Johnny on the spot with me. If I changed a job and missed a week of child support payments they knew and sure let me know. If I got laid off and missed a few payments they took it out of my checking account like magic.

I respect single moms A LOT, any single parent for that matter. It’s hard work for anyone to raise kids on their own and if you do it and put your kids first you deserve respect. It’s the disparity between how I’ve seen how state agencies and private organizations operate depending on if it’s a mother or a father that’s asking for help. That’s what’s making me a little nuts right now.

My personal experience may be an anomaly but after 13 years of seeing this consistent pattern I’m just tired of it and very frustrated.

Yes, this man has been through the wringer and is mad that his wife is getting the kid gloves treatment.

That’s just the beginning. Where these threads sometimes consisted solely of blind supporters of women both male and female, the balance seems to be changing as more and more people see the injustice for themselves. Its a lot of cognitive dissonance to deal with, with the disconnect between the reality of women being cheating, conniving deceitful whores, and the fantasy of them as sugar and spice and everything nice which has been pummeled into them throughout their childhood. Predictably though, the very first comment implies that its his own fault for marrying her. “your pic should be up there [on the child support website] for marrying that broad”

Here’s a few more…

Could be worse, dude. She could insist on partial-custody, not pay for doctors or dental, not feed them, beat them, and then marry a guy who makes tons of cash but wails on them harder.

I had two seperate friends like this in middle/high school. Had great dads though, but neither just couldn’t get full time custody.

Holy shit, when did my dad get an SA account?

I’m really sorry OP that you’re going through this. I have experienced first hand the failure of the state to give the same standards to men and women. In September my mom went off the deepend, broke into my father and sister’s house and tried to kill my dad. Long story short she is not guilty on all counts by reason of insanity. My dad was charged with ten counts of child endangerment for allowing my mother the means to harm my sisters or some other ridiculous bullshit. He has been fighting to get full custody of my sisters back for almost a year now. Just last week the court removed the supervised vists. That means that before then he got to visit my sisters for two hours a week in the presence of their caseworker. Now he can see them alone but the visits have to be scheduled. The day that it happened my sisters were asked multiple times if my father ever abused my mother. They couldn’t beleive that a woman could do this without being provoked by an abusive husband.

It makes me sad to know that had the sexes in this situation been reversed they would have never even thought of removing my sisters. I hope your situation works out and people start getting their heads out of their asses.

When I lived with my mom, child support was taken from my dad before he even got his hands on his paycheque.
When I lived with my dad, my mom paid about 200$ in child support over 6 years despite being ordered to pay 50$ a week in addition to half of the cost of schooling.

Right before I turned 18, my dad got a letter from the State of Michigan wondering why he’d not provided for my care and demanding a BACK support payment of tens of thousands of dollars… Dear ol’ mom never let anyone know she didn’t had custody of me anymore.

I ended up living with my mom again when I was in college and needed help paying for my schooling. She gave me a song and dance about being so broke and she just didn’t know how she was going to make ends meet (her household finances being beyond what could get my financial aid is what made me need help). I told her, “Fine. I’m pretty sure I still have a claim on my hands for all the child support you never paid”. She paid for a quarter of my schooling and that was that.

Yes, this is the reality on the ground. People are waking up, and while they’re still groggy from the fitful sleep of the last 40 years, it won’t take them long to start to connect the dots between female supremacism and cultural and institutional hatred of men.

July 15, 2008

Women can’t stop wanting privileges

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Just saw this on Russian Women’s blog: Russia’s Women are still reluctant to go dutch.

Billboards across Moscow advertising a women’s magazine are raising female consciousness by asking Russia’s fairer sex: “Are you ready to pay half to be independent?”

It’s a question with increasing relevance because growing numbers of young Russian women are moving into management positions, earning good salaries and boosting their spending power. But for most, the answer to the question for now is still a resounding “no”.

“When you go out with a guy, even if you’re just friends and there’s no romantic subtext, you would always expect him to pay,” says Svetlana Kolchik, deputy editor of Russia’s Marie Claire, which paid for the adverts. “When I discuss dates with my girlfriends, one of the first questions is ‘Did he pay for you?’ If he did, it’s always a good sign.”

He predictably makes excuses for women. Russian in this case, but he could just as easily be a mangina at work telling you how you need to wine and dine the whores so they will sleep with you, and this is what we pathetic worm-men need to do. Any bets on whether he was that annoying mangina before he left for the russkies?

Olga, a 24-year-old journalist, explains that many of her friends keep their wallets in their handbags not out of stinginess but for the sake of their boyfriends’ pride. “With all the provincial beauties in town, there are 20 women for each decent man. If you get a decent man, you better keep him. So they don’t reach for their wallets so the man doesn’t feel uncomfortable when other people look at him like he can’t pay for dinner.”

This is rich. Let’s look at the thought process… there’s a lot of women, and you when I get a decent man, I want to keep him. And I will do this by … expecting gifts and free meals. Hahah. Who is this girl trying to fool?

Anyway, while reading this I was totally thinking about how I would never even consider a woman who wanted dinners and expensive gifts as a pre-condition to date me. My girlfriend made a point of (genuinely) wanting to pay at our first date, and we’re still together after five years, sticking together through thick and thin and being more intimate than many married couples. I have never gotten the feeling that she’s a gold-digger any more than all women are in general, its in their nature to want stuff from their man but some just go overboard, drunk with their sexual power.

This is why I got so annoyed at RW’s view…

First off when it comes to dating Russian or FSU Women the KEY THING that any Man needs to realize is that you are being offered a UNIQUE opportunity to show your leadership in a budding relationship by TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for the date.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY in any dating situation at the very MINIMUM means PAYING FOR THE BILL.

If you neglect to do this then you have FAILED a major test in the eyes of a Russian Lady.. And honestly you will probably not get another opportunity to correct yourself.

A Russian Woman will think of it in these terms..

“If he can’t TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for a simple cafe bill how can he possibly TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for me or our future children?”

Yes, your entire character and upbringing is laid out along with your personality with a simple action – paying for the woman! The woman, who is too fucking stingy to take out her own pocketbook and would rather spend the money on vacuous fucking bags, shoes and make-up. Oooh, but that doesn’t say anything about her character. Oh, and don’t worry. Once she has her hooks in you right and proper, it’ll be your privilege to pay for those matching Blahniks and LV’s too! And RW has the shaming language to make sure you don’t complain one bit.

All of that raises the question of what exactly it is that wealthy Russian women do spend their money on.

“We have a very consumerist attitude so will still spend money on a Max Mara coat or Armani suit,” says Ms Kolchik. “Women spend most of their money on looking beautiful for their man; and in fact, for all men. Even if we’re happily married, it’s in our genes to compete for men and male attention.”

Sorry, but I do not want to subsidize your wanting to compete for other men’s attention even when you’re married. Maybe someone a bit more cuckolded than me would disagree, but this is my view.
Oh, but the best is yet to come!

Keep this in mind even if you are out socializing with a lady friend with whom you don’t intend to have a romantic relationship with.

It’s still important to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY in this situation because all Women Talk..

And having a Russian Lady who is a good friend is the greatest way to gain a future endorsement from one Russian “sister” to another.

Think of it in these terms..

When a Russian Lady “allows” you to pay the bill..

She’s opening the door for you to take the next step and to come in on a deeper level.

Yes! You also have to pay if its just a friend you’re going with to lunch or dinner or presumably drinks! How fucking awesome!

Is RW actually a woman? Because I haven’t seen many men who can contradict themselves so well. So is she “just a friend” or is she a cocktease who “could be opening the door to her pussy” if he pays all the time?

Of course, it may just be the type of women RW hangs around that only hang around if they’re paid to do so.

And guess what the chicks will be talking about in their potty break. “Oh my god, those expensive drinks get me blitzed so fast! Did you check out that hottie near the flowerpot? He was totally checking me out! I think I’m going to go home with him, let’s ditch our patsy.”

Fundamental human nature is the same, and I don’t think there’s a code of honor anywhere on this green-and-blue earth that says men have to pay for women in a platonic situation. Nope, not even in the US. Nobody will try to shame a man into paying for woman friend, even though the guy just might be stupid enough to want to pay.

Here’s a post by a Russian woman living in Austria who enjoys when other people pay for her with no obligation on her part…

And the bills should be paid by men ) I earn more that an average man in Austria, for example. But men pay when we go out with me(friends or colleagues – because I am happily married). And you know what? – I can see it on their faces that they are proud to pay my restaurant bill. really. Guess why?

I don’t know what that smiley at the end is supposed to mean. Why are they proud to pay her restaurant bill? Does she slob their knob at the end or something?

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