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July 15, 2010

Yet another woman abuses child on plane, this time sexually

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Where is the outraged response? Where is the new BA policy that women must not be seated next to children? It ain’t the first time a woman has been a cunt towards a child on a plane – Woman physically abusive to child on flight.

Fuck all that shit, its a well plastered member of the Royal Sex doing the abusin’, I’m just waiting with bated breath for her defenders – fellow holders of the Pussy Pass, hags, feminists and – of course – White Knights whose knee jerk reaction is always “Its the man’s boy’s patriarchy’s fault! It has to be because, see here I’m a man and I’m evil and thus ALL MEN must be evil like me or worse!!!”

Woman on plane plied boy with drugs and alcohol to entice him.

Woman on plane offered 14-year-old boy sex, drugs
From Sun-Times Media
A Chicago area father is suing Southwest Airlines, alleging his 14-year-old son was forced to sit next to a woman who allegedly made sexual advances toward the boy and offered him illegal drugs during a flight to Florida.

The suit, filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, claims that the flight attendants didn’t protect the boy during the July 13th, 2008 flight from Chicago to Orlando.

“My client was a 14-year-old little boy when he was aggressively, sexually pursued by an older passenger who offered him drugs, who wanted sex from him,” said Chicago attorney Jeffrey S. Deutschman.

“He went to the bathroom four times, he asked to move and he was told to take his seat,” Deutschman said.

The boy was so “shaken” he refused to take the return flight home alone, the suit states.

“His father had to fly down and bring him back,” Deutschman said.

The suit claims the airline was negligent and failed to “remove the adult female who was obviously intoxicated and/or under the influence of other drugs.”

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines declined comment.

Who wants to bet that those motherfucking nancy boys in the air hostess uniforms didn’t even care or had a laugh about it? Like in that South Park episode,

“Help, there’s a drunk woman trying to rape me!”


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